I was born in a remote village in the southern part of Tamil Nadu. I am from a Dalit family. My parents were uneducated. I was educated in the church primary school in the village. I was able to attend the missionary school at Ramanathanurum which is 50 miles away from the village. I was put up in the orphanage home by the support of my local priest. I am the first graduate from my village.

Then I was able to train at the Theological Seminary at Madurai, where I was taught by English tutors who have remained friends and supporters, and have provided me with good links with people in UK churches.

So, when I became a priest in the Church of South India diocese of Tami Nadu, I had a passion to help people from my own community and background. That is why I started the project to promote the education of Dalit children.

In 1998 we started the project with 15 boys, now there are 204 children receiving a good education and other community development projects.

Here is my most recent letter to sponsors:

KMH Christmas letter.pdf



Founder of the project