Girls’ Hostel



Girl’s Hostel

At the moment there are 110 girls from the age of 9 - 18 living in the hostel, so that they can receive a secondary education. Their home villages are very poor and remote, and there are no opportunities to attend secondary school.

In their home villages the only work is in the fields, and this is only possible for four or five months a year. The rest of the year the poor parents have no income, so they have to cut firewood and work in brick works on a very poor daily wage, so they cannot support their children’s education.

The girls spend school term times in the hostel, returning to their families for the three school holidays.

Through the work of the project girls are going on to higher education to study engineering, nursing, teacher training and polytechnic courses.  67 village girls are currently supported in further education in college and vocational courses. There are now three trained engineers, seven teachers and five nurses and some boys who have also been supported who are working in factories. They are now earning themselves and able to support their poor families.


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